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Which Dumpster Size is Best For Small Demolitions?

22 FEB

Which Dumpster Size is Best For Small Demolitions?

When deconstructing a home, there are multiple projects to take into account. Demolishing houses is more than just taking down walls and taking away materials; the building itself can play an integral role in how much time and money is invested in the venture. You might find that a dumpster rental from professionals like M&M Waste instead of handling it yourself is more beneficial; if your venture generates significant amounts of trash or compost, we offer competitive pricing without hidden fees.

When planning for home demolitions and remodels, there are several elements to take into account. Most importantly, the amount of debris that needs to be removed.

Getting Rid of Debris Can Be Expensive

When remodeling a full home, there will likely be plenty of debris that needs to be disposed of. Without an organized plan in place, costs could mount up quickly. Instead of having an overwhelming pile of trash around your yard after the project is finished, use M&M Waste's dumpster rental service and get rid of everything at once!

Different Types of Demolition Projects in Homes

Home demolitions can range from full bath removal and flooring removal to taking down interior walls and decks! Each requires its own disposal service so make sure you select the appropriate one for your job!

Full Bath Removal

Full bath removal involves demolishing everything in a bathroom, from walls and flooring to fixtures. There will likely be plenty of wood, drywall waste as well as some plumbing fixtures that need to be taken out. Full bath removals tend to be the most complex demolition projects due to all of their different components.

Floors and Carpeting

Removing flooring or carpet is another common demolition project that homeowners may require assistance with. There are various types of floor materials used in homes, such as tile, wood laminate, or vinyl; each poses its own challenges when being taken out during a demolition job.

Remove Interior Walls

When taking down interior walls, opt for a 20-yard dumpster. This is the most common size suitable for small items like interior walls that won't weigh too much or become bulky. However, if you need to remove cabinets or appliances as well, then you will require a larger dumpster in order to accommodate them all.

Deck Removal

If you're taking down an entire deck or porch, a 30-yard roll-off dumpster should be large enough to hold all your lumber and materials without being overrun. On the contrary, if large pieces such as beams or joists need more room, consider renting two 20-yard containers instead of one larger one.

Demolish Sheds, Patios, or Walkways

When it comes to sheds and walkways, the ideal size dumpster is a 10-yard one. This size container will easily hold all of the debris generated during shed demolition or walkway removal.

Type of Debris

The type of debris you're discarding will help determine the size dumpster needed. If all you're throwing out are wood and drywall, then a 10-yard dumpster should suffice. However, if more than just wood and drywall need to be removed, then a 15-yard dumpster may be necessary.

M&M Waste

Size matters when you are ready to rent a dumpster. Larger containers can hold more waste and debris, making them perfect for larger renovation projects. Extra-large dumpsters are best suited for large demolition jobs. When you hire a dumpster from M&M Waste, our friendly staff will assist you with whatever size best meets your requirements.