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Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta
Where Your Trashes Go May Surprise You

30 OCT

Where Your Trashes Go May Surprise You

Many people have not been educated on the proper way of disposing of their waste and at the recycling plant, there are procedures the recycle facility performs to sort out different types of trash. Another major issue is that the funds coming into many recycling facilities are not enough to process recycling procedures, but the least you can do is to properly dispose of your trash from home or commercial premises by using a reliable waste disposal company. One recommendable dumpster rental company in Atlanta is M&M Waste.

The Pickup Process for Wastes

The recycling trucks are normally inspected early in the morning before the truck drivers head to their routes. The vehicles dump all items inside the container collector but nothing will be mixed with the regular garbage which is handled by a different truck.

The Dumping Process for Collected Wastes

Once their routes are completed, the trucks will be parked until around 7 pm so that the drivers can avoid the traffic hassles once the truck is driven to the recovery facility for the unloading of the waste.

The Sorting of Wastes Collected

The real processing of items or wastes collected is sorted after the materials are loaded onto a raised conveyor belt that moves up to 300 feet per minute. The sorting is done several times by workers who hand-pick the forbidden materials, then the machine performs another series of sorting before the workers sort the remaining wastes into chutes. All recyclable items will be piled with the like materials and baled while the garbage will head to another pile that will be transferred to the dumpsite. The Baling procedure is the final waste handling procedure and it involves the squashing and tying of the recycled items before they are handed over to potential buyers.

How You Can Recycle Better

If you are unsure whether an item is recyclable or not, dont put it inside a bin, recycling facilities often spend much time sorting out unrecyclable items from recyclable ones. Please contact M&M Waste on how you can handle and dispose of non-recyclable materials.

Dont try and recycle plastic bags or put recyclable items inside a recycle bag before tossing it inside a bin, bags can gum up works inside recycle facilities hence they are not recyclable at such facilities. If your recyclable items start smelling after a few days, it means you havent cleaned the item enough. It also means they will likely get into the landfills, no matter what they are made of.

Never put paper wastes inside a bottle or bag, the reason being that sorters at recycling facilities dont have time to take apart the good items from the bad ones. You need to be aware also that the bottles made from biodegradable materials are often misidentified by the sorting machine and that the machine may mistakenly direct them to the landfill.

If you are planning to conduct a home or office cleanout and require a reliable dumpster rental company to handle the transportation of the waste to landfills or recycling centers, please contact us at M&M Waste and we will be right there.