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Where You Should Not Place Your Rental Dumpster

01 APR

Where You Should Not Place Your Rental Dumpster

You decide to get a rental dumpster, but where do you put it? Our company can help guide you through that. We can help ensure that you learn how to place the dumpster on your property so that there aren't any problems as well as protect your property from any stormwater damage or other issues that may arise throughout the rental period. This is just one of the myriad ways that M&M Waste helps our customers.

If you choose the wrong location, you could find yourself in legal trouble. Where should you not place your rental dumpster? M&M Waste helps with your dumpster rental needs by supplying the right sized dumpster at the right price for your home or business improvement project.

Where You Should Not Place Your Rental Dumpster

Obviously, you can’t place your dumpster anywhere. Otherwise, it would be a hassle and will just cause problems.

So before you place your dumpster where it is not supposed to be, take a look at the following places you can’t put your rental dumpster:

In front of fire hydrants or fire lanes. This will block the way of emergency vehicles in case there is an emergency.

  • Near power lines. It has been said that placing a dumpster near power lines can lead to electrocution and fires.
  • Alongside railroad tracks. This may lead to accidents and derailments of trains that pass by these tracks.
  • Alongside roadways or highways. Placing a dumpster along the roadside will only create an obstruction for other motorists on their way home or work or even pedestrians on their way to school or work.
  • On the street or sidewalk. Most towns and cities require you to obtain a permit before placing any kind of construction container on public property. In some cases, you may need a permit to place it on private property as well. These permits can cost hundreds of dollars, so this is something that you want to avoid doing if at all possible!
  • In your driveway. Even though it might seem like an easy option, putting the dumpster in your driveway can interfere with your garage's ability to get in and out. It can also block pedestrian traffic and create an eyesore in front of your home. Your neighbors may complain about the obstruction and ask you to remove it.
  • On an incline. If your property has a steep slope or if you’re placing the dumpster on an incline, such as on a driveway or parking lot sloped for water runoff, the dumpster can shift and possibly roll away, causing damage to property and vehicles. Avoid placing your dumpster in these areas.
  • Next to parked cars. If there is no other option but to place the dumpster next to parked cars, make sure that they are not blocked in. When workers come to pick up the dumpster , they will need adequate space between the parked vehicles and the dumpster in order to safely maneuver their truck.
  • In front of any doors or windows that open outward. Because of its weight, a dumpster may push outward against doors and windows when it is being filled with heavy materials such as rocks or concrete. This can cause damage to both the structure itself and to any doors and windows that open outward into that area.

M&M Waste Can Help With Your Dumpster Rental Needs

Renting a dumpster from us means you will not illegally place your dumpster on public property or someone else's private property. Our dumpster company offers solutions for every need, regardless of how small or large your job may be. Our friendly customer service reps are available to speak with you.

M&M Waste has flexible rental options to fit your needs - ask us about standard or premium roll-off containers.

Contact one of our local branches today to schedule your rental!