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Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta
What Junk Removal Companies Do With All Your Stuff

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What Junk Removal Companies Do With All Your Stuff

Junk removal companies give you the option to donate, recycle or dump your old items. However, they only take certain things and often charge you a fee for chucking things that aren't bulk trash in a dumpster. That's where M&M Waste comes in – we are a dumpster company helping families dispose of their bulk trash to make the most of their hard-earned dollars.

We accept everything from complete apartments and homes to large items in addition to scrap metal, mattresses, and vehicles. M&M Waste operates different kinds of recycling options to meet your needs. 

Donation Centers

Most items are taken to a recycling plant or landfill, but they often attempt to donate whatever they can first.

Donation centers are where things get interesting. Most junk removal companies have relationships with local donation centers that they take items to daily or weekly to be sorted through and potentially donated to someone in need. In some cases, the donation center may give the company a small monetary amount for their donations.

The first is the most desirable for us planet-saving types. If you have junk that's in decent shape, most companies will take it to a donation center for you (some will even do this on request). Unless your items are stained, ragged, or unusable, they'll likely go to someone who needs them.

Junk removal companies can take many things you don't want and either recycle them or donate them to charities and thrift stores that will repurpose them. Old clothes, toys, electronics, and furniture can all be reused by someone else after a bit of refurbishing. Some junk removal companies even have specific programs for taking electronics to recycling facilities to dispose of and recycle their hazardous materials safely. Many companies also donate usable goods to charity or sell them at low prices to people who could use them.

Recycling Facilities

Whatever can be repurposed or reused will likely end up at one of these facilities. Some junk removal companies partner with recycling facilities to properly dispose of their clients' unwanted stuff.

These facilities can handle large amounts of material and have the machinery necessary to separate them into components. Metal is separated from plastic, rubber, and glass, which are further sorted by color (for example, clear glass is separated from green glass). The metals are then sent off to a refinery to be melted down for new uses; the same goes for glass and plastic. Rubber is used for asphalt and other products.


The final stop is a landfill where the dumpster is weighed, and the junk removal company is charged a fee based on the weight of the remaining cargo.

Did you know that they don't remove all the junk when you hire a junk removal company? Hiring a dumpster rental company can solve this problem. Call M&M Waste, and we'll deliver, load, and haul away your junk.

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