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What Happens To Trash At A Landfill

08 JUN

What Happens To Trash At A Landfill

As global population growth surges forward, so too does waste production. Addressing waste management with landfills remains an ongoing challenge for societies worldwide. Recycling and waste reduction initiatives by M&M Waste aim to minimize how much ends up in landfills. Offering a dumpster rental allows for improved waste management practices. However, landfills still play a vital role in the waste infrastructure system. We offer a comprehensive overview of what happens at landfills, outlining the processes involved and environmental considerations when managing trash properly.

Waste Collection and Transport

Trash collection begins the moment it enters our world. Municipal trucks or private waste management companies collect residential, commercial, and industrial waste from designated areas before transporting it directly to landfills for disposal. This step ensures that waste reaches its proper destination for disposal purposes.

Landfill Site Selection and Preparation

Selecting and prepping a landfill site involves carefully considering several criteria, including geological stability, proximity to populated areas, accessibility, environmental impact assessments, etc. Once an ideal site is identified, its preparation begins by clearing its land, leveling its surface, installing leachate collection systems to minimize environmental contamination, and installing liners for optimal environmental sustainability.

Waste Disposal

Once waste arrives at the landfill, it is deposited in designated "cells." Bulldozers and compactors are employed to spread and compact it for maximum space utilization, reduce odor, prevent vector attraction, and deter scavengers from gathering around it, typically layered with soil or another material to mitigate odor issues and deter scavengers from gathering more easily than needed.

Landfill Gas Management

Organic waste decomposing into landfill gas produces methane and carbon dioxide emissions, threatening to escape into the atmosphere and harming human health. To keep these harmful emissions contained within their systems and safe for emissions to the atmosphere, landfill gas management systems have been implemented, collecting and capturing them so they may later be processed as renewable energy or safely vented if necessary.

Leachate Management

Landfills have collection systems to capture leachate that filters through waste to protect groundwater sources and the surrounding environment from becoming polluted with organic and inorganic pollutants. In contrast, proper leachate management helps avoid groundwater contamination and protect its surroundings.

Environmental Monitoring

Landfills must abide by stringent environmental regulations, so regular monitoring involves groundwater quality testing, gas emissions tracking, and impact assessments on nearby ecosystems - measures designed to identify and minimize any negative environmental impacts on nearby communities. These measurements also help identify negative environmental consequences or threats threatening these valuable spaces.

Landfill Capping and Closure

Once a landfill reaches capacity, closure procedures begin to mitigate long-term environmental effects. These typically include capping the site with impermeable layers, soil cover materials, and vegetation to promote stability, prevent erosion and lessen infiltration from precipitation sources.

Landfill Aftercare and Post-Closure Monitoring

Even after being closed down, landfills require ongoing care and monitoring. Post-closure care involves monitoring gas emissions, leachate collection systems, and vegetation growth to ensure the landfill remains stable without endangering environmental or human health.

M&M Waste

At M&M Waste, we aim to offer comprehensive waste management solutions - such as dumpster rental services and responsible landfill practices - making waste disposal convenient and effective for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. No matter what project or renovation you're taking on, or even just clearing away clutter at home, our selection of sizes when you need to rent a dumpster has you covered. By renting from us, we can ensure that your waste is stored, transported, and disposed of according to local regulations and environmental standards. Sustainable practices and working closely with landfills that adhere to stringent environmental standards are also at the core of our responsible waste management approach. With our experience and dedication to ethical waste disposal practices, we can assist with managing waste while mitigating the environmental impact of landfills.