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What Can You Throw in a Dumpster?

03 MAY

What Can You Throw in a Dumpster?

In most cases, every waste from home cleaning can be put in the dumpster. Specific items you can add to a dumpster will also depend on the type of services you requested for. Whether you are renting a roll-off for a one-time project or a regular junk collection for commercial cleanups, you will see the lists of guidelines from M & M Waste Dumpsters on what you can throw into a dumpster.

What You Can and What You Cant Throw in a Dumpster

Most types of household junks remodeling debris and construction wastes can be thrown inside a dumpster but there are rules on what debris types can be mixed. Recycling regulations dictate that certain junks must be taken to separate landfills or recycling facility.

For the residential dumpster, almost all household junks can be thrown into the container, but electronics, furniture, and appliances may not be acceptable by all service providers. For remodeling junk removal, all remodeling debris will be accepted, these include the cabinets, counters, flooring wood and drywall. For the Yard waste dumpster, all yard wastes will be accepted in the container but stumps and dirt may not be accepted in all recycling facility or landfills.

For the roofing waste evacuation, shingles, alongside other roofing wastes such as flashing and underlayment, will be accepted in the container. For the dumpster that handles other heavy debris, Concrete, Asphalt, and Bricks will be accepted into the container. Please contact M&M Waste for more information on this

What are the Waste Items That are Not Acceptable in Dumpster?

While it is possible to toss all common items into the Roll-off dumpster, there are some few restrictions that apply. The reason being that certain junks require special treatments for human and environmental safety reasons.

Prohibited items such as fuels, batteries, oils, Lacquers, and paints are flammable and toxic to the environment, hence they are not allowed in the waste container. Asbestos and medical wastes are not allowed because they are toxic to human health. Industrial drums and contaminated Absorbents are prohibited because they are toxic to the environment and they must be transferred to the local hazardous waste collection facility.

Resins, adhesives, food wastes and Inks are prohibited because they can damage the inner area of the dumpster or attract vermin. Similarly, Items such as Refrigerators, hot water tanks, and air conditioners are also prohibited because they can collect harmful gases in the landfills and they also contain certain harmful chemicals.

Tires and Railroad ties are not acceptable in Roll-off dumpsters because they can damage the landfill infrastructure and they also contain toxic chemicals. These items can be transferred to the local tire recycling facility, and the railroad ties can also be reused.

You may be allowed to throw furniture inside the waste evacuation container but most will not accept non-upholstered stuff. Similarly, you will not be allowed to throw in old model TVs. For more information on what you can, and what you cant put in your dumpster, please contact us at M&M Waste.