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Ways to Reduce Your Trash Output 

03 JUL

Ways to Reduce Your Trash Output 

Every day in America, thousands of pounds of trash are collected. How much of it is necessary? How can we reduce our trash output? Each person produces roughly around four pounds of trash. We can reduce this by taking simple measures to become more conscious about the trash we produce. Something as simple as switching out a plastic water bottle with a reusable glass one or bringing our own mug or thermos to the coffee shop can reduce trash output by tons! Imagine if every person in the country tried that. Now imagine the entire world making these small but critical changes! At M&M Waste, we’re dedicated to keeping our planet clean and green. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks to how you can reduce your trash output. If you need dumpster rental for your large trash, contact our office anytime to rent a dumpster in your area.

What Can You Reduce?

Think about the trash you produce throughout the day. What changes can you make? Each day, millions of plastic bottles are thrown into landfills. Do any of them belong to you? We hope not. Use a glass or reusable cup instead. The next time you buy something from the store, stop and think: Is this really a necessary item? Can it be recycled later or is there another recycling option?  For instance, buying rice in a plastic bag can produce plastic trash but buying it in bulk (using reusable cloth bags) can help reduce one item from your daily trash output. Taking these small steps daily can really add up over time. 

What Can You Reuse?

Many items come in reusable packaging. For instance, pickles come in glass jars. Those glass jars can be repurposed for many other things. They can be used to store sewing tools, pencils, a coin collection, or to fill with your bulk purchases like rice, beans, flour, etc. Don’t throw away these valuable glass jars. If you don’t have a use for them, maybe a friend or a loved one will. So, before buying an item or throwing something out, ask “how can I reuse this?” At M&M Waste, we can help you take the steps to reducing your trash output. If you’d like to know more about how you can reuse items, give us a call or get in touch with our team today. 

How Can I Recycle?

A quick and easy way to reduce trash output is to stop buying single use containers and utensils. Every time it’s possible, use reusable forks, knives, spoons, plates, and packaging. This tiny change can have a huge impact in the long run. Also, do you own any reusable grocery bags? Use reusable grocery bags every time and write ‘bags’ at the top of your grocery list so you don’t forget your bag at home. Also, try to buy secondhand items and donate your used ones. This can mean taking a trip to your local thrift store which can also save money. By purchasing secondhand items, you could also be supporting local charities in addition to saving these items from going in the trash. If these tips have helped or you’d like to learn more about reducing your trash output, get in touch with our talented team at M&M Waste today!