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Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Trash

08 JUL

Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Trash

If you ask anyone with a dumpster, they will tell you one thing. Trying to keep pests out of your trash is a tough job indeed. It seems like we are always on the lookout for a new product or system that will do the trick. The frustration of figuring out waste control never ends, and that's why M&M Waste has put together this article on how to keep pests out of your trash. Whether new to a dumpster rental or a veteran, you must know how to keep those pests away.

Where Should You Place Your Dumpsters To Avoid Pests?

What is the first line of defense to keep pests out of your trash? Pests are opportunists, and they are going to be looking for food. The question then becomes, do you have a readily available food source on your property? I am referring to waste sitting right outside in a dumpster. If the answer is yes, you might have already doomed yourself to a pest infestation. Why would they look elsewhere when they can take what they want from your trash can.

Place Your Dumpster Away From Buildings

The most common pests to your trash are rats and mice. If you have a problem with these pests, it can lead to an unhygienic environment and contamination of food products. The presence of pests in your trash can also be unsightly and cause damage to your property.

Find the best place to place your dumpsters. This way, the pests will not be able to access them easily. Place them away from buildings, trees, bushes, and other structures that may provide shelter for these pests. You should also ensure that there are no holes or openings around where you will be placing the dumpsters so that they cannot get inside easily.

Barrier Layers

If you can place your dumpster away from buildings, barriers can be used around the area's perimeter to create a barrier layer between your trash and pests. This will help keep pests away from the dumpster and reduce their chances of getting into it. Additionally, ensure everything in the dumpster is in a bag, which serves as the first barrier.

Strict Procedural Compliance

Ensure all employees know how to handle garbage and dumpsters properly, so they do not become infested with pests or attract their attention. All food waste should be disposed of correctly as well. Keep all trash containers tightly closed at all times so that if there is something inside that can attract pests, they cannot get out.

Try To Eliminate Food Smells

It might seem obvious, but dumpster companies recommend that you try to eliminate food smells from your trash before putting it in the dumpster. If you want to ensure everything is pest-free, thoroughly clean the kitchen and toss out any food that could attract pests. This includes pet food too! Pet food attracts mice and rats like nothing else — so make sure you get rid of it before tossing your trash into the dumpster.

Motion Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights can be installed around your property to deter unwanted visitors from coming near your building. Motion-activated lights will shine when someone passes by them, making it difficult for pests to come near without being seen by humans or animals first.

Tips To Repel Pests

Repel Pests with Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent way to repel pests from your dumpsters because it's both non-toxic and cheap. Sprinkle some baking soda on the floor of your dumpster, especially near any holes or cracks that might let in pests. The baking soda won't harm anything, but it will make them uncomfortable enough that they'll steer clear of your bin.

Use Chemical Repellents

Chemical repellents, such as baking soda are often more effective than natural ones. You can buy commercially available chemical repellents online or at hardware stores and garden centers. Use these products according to their directions for the best results.

Keep It Clean

Pests are more likely to hang around where there is food and shelter. Make sure you regularly dump your trash and clean up after yourself to reduce the chances of attracting pests.

Keep It Sealed

If you have holes in your dumpster, this allows pests to get inside. Seal holes with steel or wooden planks so no animals can get inside.

Use Insecticides Sparingly

Using too much insecticide can cause harm to humans! Always follow label directions when applying pesticides to trash bins or other areas of your facility where food is prepared or stored. The best way to repel pests is by using sanitation practices and vacuuming any food particles left behind!

M&M Waste will answer any pest questions you may have. With our dumpster company, you can count on answers, guidance, quality, and timely customer service.