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Smart Waste Disposal Tips

15 FEB

Smart Waste Disposal Tips

Composting has become one of the smartest waste disposal options you should consider because it is eco-friendly and it is quite easy to follow through. You should be educated about eco-friendly waste disposal methods like compost. There are three options involved; worm farm, compost bin, and bokashi bin. Though the same type of wastes is used the methods of composting are slightly different. Wastes such as tea bags and fruit and vegetable peelings and wastes can break down easily, hence they are most acceptable because they provide necessary ingredients like Nitrogen and moisture to the soil. Make use of cardboard egg cartons, fallen leaves or papers to contain the waste and avoid using wastes like dairy, diseased plants and meat for the composting.

Spot the Right Location for Composting

Composting can be done almost anywhere, including the kitchen, terrace, roof, balcony or yard. Make sure the spot is well-drained and level, this will ensure that excess moisture will dry away quickly. leveled and well-drained soil will also ensure that worms get in and out of compost easily because they are expected to break down the contents in the bin.

It is also important that you segregate your compost waste. Begin with the separation of edible waste such as fruit and vegetable peels plus leftover cooked foods. Use another container and fill it with the dry wastes, these should include packing materials, chunks of newspapers, dried leaves, sawdust, and grass. Doing this will help you stay organized. Make sure both containers are closed to prevent bugs, worms, and flies.

Complete Your Composting

Constructing your composting bin is not as complex as it may sound. Choose the right container, which could be a bucket or regular dust bin or garden pot. The container could be any size and shape and make sure you drill between 4 and 6 holes at different levels to allow air circulation. Place some newspapers beneath the container to avoid any spill. Layer the bottom of the container with organic soil.

The next step you should take is to feed your garden when the compost has become dry and crumbly. Simply add roughly 4-6 inches of your prepared compost to the flower bed or pots once planting season has begun. You can make use of the garden fork to mix the composite with some earth and then spread to create a layout.

Allow the Worms to Complete the Job

Compost worms may be small but they can do wonders on your compost. They live in the dark and can consume waste materials and convert them into liquid wastes and compost. The Tiger worm is one of the most active organisms found in composting. By taking these steps, you will surely create a smart waste removal process within a few days. For more information on getting rid of your junks, please contact us at M&M Waste for dumpster rental in Atlanta and our expert technicians will guide you through the budget-friendly and reliable waste removal process.