Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta
Prohibited Items

09 MAR

Please do not overload the container. An additional rate will be charged for any tires, stumps railroad ties, mattresses or box springs. No flammable, toxic, and/hazardous material, thinners, lacquers, paints, paint filters, solvents, oils, oil filters, contaminated adsorbents, asbestos, batteries, infectious waste, contaminated soils, fuels, inks, resins, food wastes, adhesives, electronics, appliances or drums shall be placed in the container. Any items containing refrigerants must be evacuated according to federal law before disposal. M&M Waste, Inc. is not responsible for damages to driveways, grass, shrubs, waterlines etc. The customer is responsible for any and all damages to the container on site.

If you do not understand these terms and conditions, please call our office at 404-627-1070 for clarification.