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Junk Removal After a House Fire

17 MAY

Junk Removal After a House Fire

Experiencing a home fire is stressful, with immediate safety concerns and emotional turmoil at the forefront. One of the many difficulties homeowners must manage post-fire is clearing away debris and junk - M&M Waste put together this quick guide offering practical steps to do just that effectively. For rapid cleaning, rent a dumpster and save yourself many headaches.

Examine Your Home For Damage

Before beginning any junk removal process, conducting a comprehensive home inspection to identify damage accurately is vital. Partnering with an expert fire damage restoration service can be extremely helpful as they will assess structural integrity, electrical system damage, and potential areas of concern, such as mold growth.

What Should Be Removed Following a Fire?

Fire can do irreparable harm to household goods. Even items that appear salvageable could become unsafe to use due to smoke contamination or heat damage, making them unsafe for use.

Electronic Equipment

Fire-damaged electronics pose a substantial safety risk. Smoke residue can corrode internal components, while excessive heat can warp and distort parts. Therefore, discarding and replacing damaged electronics instead of risking electrical malfunction or fires is wiser.

Burned Clothes

Clothing exposed to fire, smoke, or firefighting chemicals should be thrown out immediately, as these items could contain toxic particles that pose health risks even after being washed thoroughly.

Perishable Food Supplies

Any perishable food exposed to fire, smoke, or firefighting chemicals must be thrown away immediately, including items stored in permeable packagings like cardboard or plastic bags.

Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets absorb smoke that can be hard to expel completely. In addition, water used in firefighting efforts could have damaged them, so it is recommended to replace these items if possible.

Fabric Furniture and Mattresses

Like carpets and rugs, fabric furniture and mattresses can become contaminated by smoke and chemicals and pose a potential health risk if left contaminated for too long. Unfortunately, full removal may not always be possible and could pose a potential threat.

Medicine and Cosmetics

Any medication or cosmetics exposed to high heat should be thrown away immediately, as this exposure can alter their chemical makeup, rendering them unsafe for use.

Cleaning Tips After a Fire

Once you've identified and discarded items that cannot be repaired, the next step involves cleaning what remains.

Smoke and Ash Removal

Ash can lead to extensive property damage if addressed quickly. HEPA-filtered vacuums are effective for ash removal; professional-grade ozone generators can neutralize smoke odor. However, for the best outcome and prevention of further damages, it is best to call in professionals.

Cleaning and Selling Items

Some items can be salvaged with professional cleaning. Items made of nonporous material, like glass, metal, and some plastics, can typically be revived using vinegar, soap, and water mixtures, but always seek professional advice before taking action yourself.


Professional-grade cleaners must be used to effectively remove soot and smoke deposits from walls, while in more serious instances, repainting or wall replacement may become necessary.

Floors and Non-Porous Surfaces

Cleaning floors is dependent upon their material. Nonporous surfaces like tiles may only need to be scrubbed with appropriate cleaners, while porous wood might require refinishing or replacement altogether.

Remove Exterior House Dust

Home exteriors will also require care and attention. Power washing may help remove soot and residue build-up, though be wary not to damage your house siding!

M&M Waste

M&M Waste is an experienced and trustworthy partner for junk removal and dumpster rental following a house fire. Our team of dedicated professionals understands the unique challenges of fire damage cleanup and can handle everything from debris removal to disposing of unsalvageable items safely and efficiently. Our services aim to minimize stress during cleanup while disposing of all waste responsibly, giving homeowners peace of mind that everything will be safely disposed of in an eco-friendly fashion. With M&M Waste, you can focus on rebuilding or restoring your home while they take on this daunting task of clearing away debris!