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Is it Against the Law to Put My Trash in Someone Else’s Dumpster?

16 DEC

Is it Against the Law to Put My Trash in Someone Else’s Dumpster?

Have you ever taken out the trash, only to find your dumpster is fool? This can be tempting to put the junk or trash in your neighbor’s dumpster. Whether you have excess debris or bulky waste that doesn’t fit in your trash, the fact is that it’s not only inconsiderate but illegal, and can lead to hefty fines and penalties. Acquiring a dumpster rental is an excellent alternative, and M&M Waste can help you rent a dumpster that suits your waste needs.

Illegal dumping laws vary from one municipality to another, but in most cases you are possibly looking at a misdemeanor, and costly fines and penalties. In the worst case scenario, possible jail time. You don’t have to go through all that trouble, we can help you rent a dumpster and save money in the process.

How Can I Prevent Illegal Dumping?

Waking up to find your dumpster has someone else’s trash is not only inconvenient, but frustrating. You only have limited room left for your waste, which will require another dumpster rental. It can also put your dumpster over the weight limit, resulting to extra charges by the dumpster company. With years in the dumpster industry, M&M Waste has devised effective ways to help customers avoid the subsequent extra costs of illegal dumping.

One of the ways you can dissuade people from illegally dumping in your dumpster is by placing it within a well-fenced area with limited access. You can also add extra lighting if possible to deter any one with the intent of dumping waste in your dumpster.

People who illegally dump their waste in other people’s dumpsters tend to look for the most convenient and easily accessible dumpster. When you are not using your dumpster, we recommend covering it up with bungee cords and a trap. This limits access by illegal dumpers, which makes it inconvenient to target yours.

An effective solution to illegal dumping is scheduling regular pickups within short periods. At M&M Waste, we can help you come up with a convenient pickup schedule, and also provide advice on suitable areas in your property that you can store a dumpster rental. Adding a "No Trespassing" sign post also goes a long way in stopping illegal dumpers from accessing your property. These measures are enough to stop illegal dumpers before actualizing their plans.

It’s a Lose-Lose Situation

When it comes to illegal dumping, both the victim and the perpetrator have something to lose in that whole debacle. If you are the one doing the dumping, you are breaking the law, and could face serious jail time and fines. On the other hand, the victim incurs unnecessary costs and frustration from the inconveniences. If you have excess trash in your dumpster and lack room for more, rent a dumpster with M&M Waste, and choose the most suitable dumpster rental size for your needs. Contact our team of dumpster experts and learn more about our quality dumpsters, that are offered at an affordable rate.