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Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta
How to Tear Down a Wall?

29 JUN

How to Tear Down a Wall?

Knocking down a wall requires some steps, and you need to set aside a week for the preparation, demolition and repair procedures. If you dont have waste disposal ready, please contact us at M&M Waste to rent your dumpster container and we will be there to get the waste disposed of efficiently.

Collect the Right Tools to Tear Down a Wall

You need to check if you will require a permit to knock down a wall.

The tools you need for this project are; sledgehammer, reciprocating saw, Hammer, Pry bar, Electric drill, stud finder, and Utility knife. You will equally need some safety gears which include; Work gloves, safety glasses, Drop cloths and Respirator mask. The materials you will require to patch youre your ceiling and floor after wall removal is; Drywall compound, the drywall, Drywall tape, drywall screws, and the 2 x 2-inch Wood strips.

Make Preparations to Tear Down Your Wall

Now that you have everything you need for the project, it is time to prepare for the wall removal. You may need to recruit some extra hands to assist you in this project. Make sure the vents windows and some other sensitive materials are covered to protect them from debris. Make a partition with a cloth or plastic between the wall and other rooms to protect them from the traveling dust. With the aid of the pry bar and hammer, remove all baseboards, trims, and doors from the wall you want to tear down. The final preparation method is to rent a dumpster to evacuate the construction debris and provide cleanup.

Begin Your Wall Demolition

If you are removing a section of the wall, then you need to outline the area you are tearing down. Use the utility knife to cut the junction of the area you are tearing down, this is the border between the adjacent wall and the ceiling. Create a little starter hole inside the drywall with the aid of a sledgehammer. Remove the panels of drywalls from between the stud with the reciprocating saw. Remove any insulation encountered and then remove the drywall from either side of the wall and cut the studs accurately.

Cut and Remove Studs Alongside the Plates

With the reciprocating saw, simply cut through the studs at the bottom of the wall, then pull it on. Once you have successfully cut through the stud and nails, simply pull it out. Remove the top and base plates.

Repair the Ceiling and Floor

Now that the wall has been removed, it is time to repair the space. The first step is to patch the ceiling area where the wall was removed, then repair the floor by using carpet, linoleum or hardwood. Carpet or Linoleum will easily match the scraps you have in your hand and as well as the floor but older hardwood floors may be difficult to patch.

Make sure you have your debris eliminated by contacting us at M&M Waste for the right dumpster rental service. We will surely help you eliminate the debris and deliver them to the appropriate landfills and recycling center.