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Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta

Call For Dumpster Rental in Atlanta
How to Save on Roll Off Dumpster Rental

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How to Save on Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

The cost of renting a dumpster can be substantially high but there are several ways to save money, one of such is hiring M&M Waste for your next dumpster service. The following are some questions and tips on ways to save on your roll-off dumpster;

Ask for Quotes

The first step towards getting a better deal is to ask for quotes from several dumpster service providers Prices may have 10% difference, but the most ideal one that will save you money should provide increased weight allowable, and a longer rental period.

Ask them; Do You Match Your Competitor's Prices?

If you want to lower the costs of renting a dumpster in a competitive market, you need to find a reason to negotiate the price. Ask a roll off dumpster rental company if they price-match their competitors can help you achieve a good discount especially when price differences between dumpster renters are quite small. You will have to obtain quotes from them before you can negotiate a discount.

Make Your Waste a Clean Load

In many cases, you will get a discount if you have a clean load. A clean load simply means loading the roll-off with the same type of waste materials (one type of material). For instance, loading the truck with roofing shingle materials or concrete only. A clean load makes it easier for dumpster drivers to drop the load off at the nearest recycling facility where the dumping fees are lesser than fees levied by municipal facilities. It is important that you let them know that you are loading just one type of junk material.

Negotiate for Short-Term Rental Discounts

You can rely on this strategy, especially during the busy roll-off service seasons such as spring, fall, and summer. Since many dumpster companies have limited containers available, a quick turnaround job will give them the opportunity to accept the next roll-off job. Ask them if they offer discounts if you keep the dumpster for just 1 or 2 days, instead of a whole week.

Ask for Special Discounts for Seniors

If you are veteran military personnel or a senior citizen, you may qualify for a 10% or more discount on some services. The key to taking this chance is to ask if they offer such discounts and you may have to check the information on their website to know about this opportunity.

Ask for Discounts and Cashback for Referrals

Though this kind of cashback or discount is not often displayed they are usually available. A roll-off dumpster service provider will be glad if you refer people to them and they will likely give you a discount as a reward for your loyalty. Make sure you confirm the availability of this discount.

M&M Waste Saves You Money on All Roll-Off Services

As the most reliable dumpster service provider, we do offer a wide range of customized service packages to our clients and these services suit different budgets and needs. Please call us today to get your junk evacuated.