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How to Keep Pests Away from Your Dumpster Rental?

07 NOV

How to Keep Pests Away from Your Dumpster Rental?

Your dumpster may become an attraction for pests for the time it is with you. If you dont want your dumpster to become a target for all kinds of creatures, you must do everything possible to deter them. If you need a reliable and budget-friendly waste disposal dumpster rental service, please contact us at M&M Waste and we will be there to help. The following ways are some of the most effective ways of preventing pests from your dumpster;

Avoid Adding Food Wastes

Be mindful of what you add to the dumpster. Food wastes stink quickly and will attract pests, including flies, and maggots. Raccoons and other crawling animals are also known to be attracted to scents of food in the dumpster, hence you must avoid disposing of such items in the dumpster container.

Put Dumpster on Concrete Floor and not Grass

When you place a dumpster container on mulch or grass, you are sending invitations to pests. For this reason, a dumpster container must be parked on a concrete slab. Should there be a leak out of the dumpster unit, there would be very little chance that the content of such leaks will reach the groundwater. It is completely safe to position the dumpster on a concrete surface.

Cover Everything Up

Animals such as rodents and mammals always scavenge for food in unlidded containers, positioned outside of the home. If you reside in areas where wild animals reside, make sure you ask for closed dumpster containers, they will be more difficult for pests to access. Dont tie down the lids of containers, animals like raccoons are known to chew down such knots or ropes to access containers.

Choose a Clean Dumpster Unit

Make sure the dumpster unit delivered to your home or business premise is clean to avoid attracting pests to it. You should also consider cleaning the unit after use, especially when there is a need for multiple trips to the landfills or recycle centers.

Apply Safe Repellants

If you are disposing wastes that will attract pests through a dumpster container, and you couldnt secure the lid, you should try and use repellants. One repelling solution is a mix of water and ammonia but you must apply it cautiously to avoid damaging the environment.

If you deal with animals like rabbits and skunks constantly in your area, you may want to consider the synthetic coyote or fox urine that can be spread on the perimeter of the dumpster. Fox and Coyotes are mostly repelled by such fake urine repellant.

Contact Us for a Clean Waste Disposal

We always provide clean and budget-friendly dumpster containers to homes and commercial premises, and that is one reason why you can contact us. Our rental service is simple and straightforward, just give us a call and tell us what type of dumpster you want and we will deliver it then contact us again to pick up the wastes and deliver them at the landfills. Please contact us at M&M Waste today and we will be there to help.