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 How to Get Rid of Demolition Waste?

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How to Get Rid of Demolition Waste?

When it comes to talking about the different kinds of waste, nothing compares to construction and demolition waste. This kind of waste is typically commercial-grade building materials, and it’s often very large, and super heavy. For this kind of waste removal, you need to rent a dumpster that can handle this size and amount of waste. Lucky for you and your team, M&M Waste offers dumpster rentals of all sizes!

For most construction projects, you are left with huge amounts of debris and waste, especially when the project required a lot of demolition. Things like knocking walls down, replacing electrical wiring, and tearing out kitchen cabinets are what demolition usually entails, and these things can be thrown into your regular garbage. So, what do you do with them?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your Demolition Waste

Have you been working on a couple of demolition projects and you aren’t sure how to properly dispose of your waste? Call M&M Waste today! We are a rental dumpster company looking to take your demolition waste off your hands. When it comes to demolition projects, there are different ways you can dispose of your waste and certain things you should do with certain items. Let’s not waste any more time and learn what to do with demolition waste…

1.  Reduce

Did you know there is a way to reduce the amount of waste from a demolition project? If you are careful in your demolition, it’s possible to reduce the amount of waste you will be throwing out. You should be taking each component apart piece by piece, rather than just throwing an entire unit or wall out. This process may take longer, but it will make disposing of the waste so much easier.

2.  Reuse

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of ways to reuse the materials you demolish in a home. Whether you pulled out old cabinets, old wood flooring, or even concrete, these are all things that can be repurposed in some way or another. Hardwood flooring, if torn out carefully, can be reused to make things like shelving, wall décor, or even shiplap. When working on a demolition project, you should always sort through what can be reused and what is actual garbage.

3.  Recycle

Hiring a dumpster company like M&M Waste is much cheaper than taking your demolition waste to a landfill. We will help you recycle any materials we can, and we will haul it to the landfill for you. Before you get started with one of our dumpster rentals, we will discuss what can be recycled and what can’t.

Waste Removal with M&M Waste

Are you on the hunt for a dumpster rental company that offers dumpsters in all sizes? Have you been looking to rent a dumpster for your next demolition project? M&M Waste is your solution to your problem! We want to provide you with the exact dumpster rental services you need to make your waste removal process as easy as possible. Call our office today for more information on our dumpster rentals!