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How to Declutter Your Home Room by Room

26 JAN

How to Declutter Your Home Room by Room

Declutter your home, one room at a time. This guide covers the most commonly cluttered areas of the home, including the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, attic/basement, and garage. Decluttering is made easy with the help of M&M Waste and a dumpster rental. Take control of your living spaces and create a more organized and peaceful home environment. Whether you're a busy professional or a busy parent, this guide is the perfect tool for anyone looking to declutter their home and simplify their life.

Living Room

If you have too much stuff in your living room, it can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming. Start by picking up every item in the room and asking yourself if it has a place in your home or needs to go. If it doesn't fit in one of these categories, throw it away or donate it to charity. Consider creating additional storage areas for items like coats and shoes so they don't take up space on tables or chairs.

Take everything off of your coffee table, including magazines and remote controls. Throw away any old magazines or newspapers sitting there for more than a week. Put all remotes in one place and label them with masking tape on top of each remote control, so everyone knows which remote goes with which device (TV, Blu-ray player, etc.).


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we come together as a family and share meals, stories, and laughter. It is also where we spend much of our time preparing meals, cleaning up, and doing dishes. The kitchen can get messy quickly if you don't have a system for staying organized.

Start by clearing out cabinets, drawers, and pantries — anything hidden from sight — so you can ensure everything inside has a proper place. Then tackle appliances and other large items that are taking up valuable real estate on countertops or tabletops that could be better used for food prep or eating meals together as a family (or both).


The bedroom is where you rest, so it should be a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed. This can be hard to do when your bedroom is filled with clutter.

Shed light on the situation by decluttering your closet, dresser, and nightstands. You may want to keep sentimental items such as photos, but if you don't use them often, get rid of them. If clothing items are in good condition but no longer fit or flatter you, donate them. The same goes for shoes, jewelry, and accessories.


The bathroom is one of the most challenging rooms to declutter simply because it has many potential storage areas: cabinets, drawers, medicine cabinets, countertops, and more.

To begin, start by removing everything from the cabinet and drawers. This may be daunting if you last did it a while ago. You might find old medications or beauty products that are no longer needed or expired.

Next, go through what's left behind and make two piles: keep, throw away/recycle/donate/sell. If something is broken or damaged beyond repair, toss it. If there's something, you want to keep but don't use often enough to warrant keeping it in your house (such as extra medicine), find another place for it outside of the bathroom — perhaps with your camping gear or in the garage.


Attics and basements are often forgotten when it comes to decluttering. These spaces are neglected because they're not used very often. But there is a lot of extra space in these rooms that you can use for storage. If you have an attic or basement, here are some tips on how to declutter them:

  • Clean out your clothes. You don't need all those old clothes any more, so get rid of them! You can donate them, sell them or toss them in the trash if they are too stained or worn out.
  • Donate unused appliances or furniture to charity instead of letting them sit around and collect dust in your basement or attic.
  • If there are boxes of old photos in your attic or basement, sort through them and eliminate any duplicates or ones that no longer mean anything to you. Consider scanning the photos into digital form so they can be shared with others online if needed.


The garage is the catchall of your home. It's where you store all those things you need help with or want to keep for future use. But if your garage is messy, it's hard to see what you have and get at it when you need something.

The best way to organize your garage is by category, space by space. For example, keep all tools together in one area and all sports equipment in another area.

M&M Waste Makes Decluttering Easy

Everyone's home is different, but every home needs some decluttering. If you want to tackle only some of the house at a time, try focusing on one room a month. That should be easy to schedule and work with your hectic life. But remember, no matter which room you clean up first, the best way to achieve an organized house is to take it slow, break it down into small manageable chunks, and ensure that your long-term healthy habits can help keep you on track. When you rent a dumpster, doing your whole home at once is easier and less stressful.