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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

25 MAY

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

Dumpster rentals are necessary when renovating your home or doing construction. You need a place to put your trash and the extra material from projects. If you're thinking of getting a dumpster rental for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the factors that can impact the cost. The good news is that cost of a dumpster rental depends on different aspects, and M&M Waste can help you navigate the process and precisely what you need.

Factors Impacting Cost For a Dumpster Rental


The size of the dumpster will dictate how much it costs. If you are looking for a small dumpster that can accommodate one or two rooms worth of junk, you will pay a lower price than if you need a large dumpster to hold all your unwanted items. If you need assistance finding the right size for your needs, contact us today, and we can help you find the best deal for your budget!


The location where you rent your dumpster will also affect how much it costs. For example, suppose you are located in an urban area with many other businesses nearby. In that case, you may find that many companies charge less because they have access to multiple customers within proximity. In contrast, if you live in a rural area with few other businesses around, renting a dumpster may be more expensive because fewer companies will be competing for your business and, therefore, can charge higher rates for the same service level.

Dumpster Company

There are many different companies offering dumpster rentals throughout the United States. Some companies offer lower prices than others because they have less overhead and fewer maintenance costs associated with running their business. Locally owned businesses tend to have lower prices than national brands or out-of-state brokers because they do not have as much competition in the immediate area.

Rental Basis

If you're going to rent a roll-off container, you can either rent by the week or month. If you need a bin that's only available for 30 days, you'll have to pay more than if you were to rent for one year.


Availability impacts the cost of renting a dumpster because there are fewer bins available in certain areas at any given time. This means that if your business is located where there are plenty of other businesses also requesting dumpsters, it's likely going to cost more because there aren't enough bins available in general.

Length of Time for Rental

Another factor impacting cost is how long your company plans on keeping the dumpster for its use. If your company only needs it for one day, it will be much cheaper than if they need it for three months or more.

Type of Trash

When it comes to the type of trash your project is producing, this can impact how much it costs to rent a dumpster. For example, if you are cleaning out your garage and only have small bits of waste like old paint cans or wood scraps, you will likely be able to fit all that in a 10-yard dumpster.

However, if you have a significant renovation project that produces large amounts of construction debris, such as concrete and lumber pieces, you may need an extra-large dumpster like an 18-yarder. This is because larger containers have more room for volume and weight than smaller ones.

Weight of Trash

The weight of your trash impacts how much it costs for you to rent a dumpster. For example, if you have heavy construction debris that weighs 200 pounds or more, it will cost more than if you had lighter household trash that only weighs 50 pounds or less.

Saving Money

Choose Size Wisely

If you have too much trash for a 10-yard dumpster, consider renting a 20- or 30-yard dumpster instead. You'll avoid paying extra for something you don't need and still have plenty of room to fit all your junk. Measure the space where you plan to place your dumpster, so there are no surprises when it arrives at your home or business.

Can You Share Costs With a Neighbor

If two people live near each other and need trash removal services around the same time, splitting up costs and sharing a dumpster rental in Hapeville, GA is often possible. This can save each person money while still getting rid of their waste at once!

Shop Around

When it comes time to rent a dumpster, don't just go with the first company; shop around for better prices and service offerings from different companies in your area. Many companies offer discounts if you book ahead of time or if there is an emergency requiring immediate attention (such as flooding).

Are There Any Additional Fees or Expenses

Some companies may charge extra if they travel far to pick up your items and bring them back to their own facility. Some companies also charge extra if they have to remove items from inside homes or businesses instead of just taking them out from outside locations.

Consider Other Ways of Disposal

If you decide not to rent a dumpster, you can try other ways of disposal, such as taking away trash by yourself using garbage bags or hiring someone else who will do it for a lesser cost.

M&M Waste Has Dumpster Rental Options For Every Budget

As you can see, many factors go into the cost of a dumpster rental. By doing a little research on your town or city website or calling us at M&M Waste, you should be able to get a general idea of how much it will cost you to rent a dumpster.

Contact M&M Waste today for all your dumpster rental needs.