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How Does Computer Recycling Work?

02 NOV

How Does Computer Recycling Work?

How does the computer recycling process work? What happens to your old computer when it is recycled? There are two sides to this topic. First, there's the technical side that you want to consider. Secondly, there's the question of the best thing to do with computers that are too old, large, and sometimes broken to be practical. M&M Waste can ensure the confidentiality of your data when recycling your computer(s). E-waste disposal is a specialized area generally requiring proof to the disposing entity that the electronic waste disposal service complies with all legal and data security guidelines.

What Happens To Your Old Computer When It Is Recycled?

Electronic waste is growing fast, and many people are asking questions about properly recycling their old computers and other devices. The first thing to know is that recycling your old computer does not mean it will be melted down into a solid metal block. Almost all of the materials in your old computer can be reused in some way or another.

When you take your old computer to an e-waste recycling center, they will remove any data from the hard drive or other storage devices. Then they can either sell the hard drive for scrap metal or send it off for recycling. Next, they will remove plastic parts from your computer and recycle them. This includes monitors, keyboards, and other plastic parts inside your computer, like wires and power supplies.

Most of the metals inside a computer are used to make circuit boards, then sold on the market for recycling purposes. However, rare metals like gold and platinum can also be extracted from an old computer during this process.

Remove Microprocessors

The microprocessor is the computer's brain and contains all your data and personal information. Once removed from the motherboard, it can be recycled or sold as scrap metal.

Separate the Gold From the Ceramics

The gold on your motherboard is used for circuits and connections between components. We separate this gold from other metals by melting them down in a furnace at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The gold melts at 1084 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be separated from other metals using magnets or specialized chemicals that are less expensive than traditional smelters. After separating out the gold, we send it to a refinery where it becomes bullion bars that can be sold on international commodities markets.

Extracted Gold Becomes Gold Bullion

Gold-plated circuit boards are extracted from e-waste and melted in a furnace to extract the gold bullion. The gold bullion is then sold to refineries for reuse in jewelry and other items that contain gold.

Metals are Stripped Down and Placed in a Furnace

The remainder of the electronics is then stripped down, with all their components separated into various metals. These metals are placed in a furnace and melted to create new products. What can be done with these metals depends on what they were used for in your computer. For example, gold plating may make computer circuit boards or hard drive platters. Other metals may be used as part of space exploration technology or even recycled into new computers.

What Can Be Done With The Metals In Your Computer?

In today’s day and age, we are using computers more than ever before. This means that many of us have old computers lying around our homes or offices that we no longer use. Instead of throwing them away, you can recycle them for cash at computer recycling centers. That way, you can get back money from your old computer without throwing it away.

Gold Plates To Gold Salt Crystals

Gold-plated circuit boards are extracted from e-waste and melted in a furnace to extract the gold salt crystals. These are then refined by adding cyanide and water, which causes them to convert into gold salt crystals which can be used in electronics manufacturing processes.

Gold Plates To Fine Wire For Computer Circuitry

Gold-plated circuit boards are extracted from e-waste and then melted down in a furnace to extract pure gold wire, which is then used by factories that make computer circuitry components out of gold wire instead of copper wire because it conducts electricity better than copper does and therefore makes more efficient computer circuits.

Gold Plates To The Space Industry

The gold-plated circuit boards are often sold for their gold content. The gold is then used for space exploration programs. This is one of the most common ways e-waste is recycled in our nation today.

Recycling Is Less Expensive Than Mining

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into reusable products. It is an alternative to disposing of unwanted material through landfilling or incineration. Recycling reduces the need to extract new raw materials and helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Confidential and Proprietary Data

If you have confidential or proprietary data on your hard drive or other components, you should take extra care when disposing of it. Do not just throw it away or donate it to someone who wants to use it for free! Even if a company says it will wipe all data from a hard drive before reusing or recycling it, traces may still be left behind that could compromise your business's security measures. Instead, consider paying someone who knows how to properly erase confidential information before giving away your old computer parts.

M&M Waste

While several companies provide data destruction and electronic waste disposal, choosing the right one for your company or organization is important. With so many options available, you may think choosing one will be challenging. However, being aware of certain things can help. For example, it is crucial to understand their different services and whether they have experience handling equipment like yours. It is also important to know how they assess their own customers to ensure they have passed an evaluation before they can take part in the recycling program. Other factors to consider when choosing a provider include value, reputation, pricing, and warranties if you have any issues with the service or equipment. M&M Waste can meet all of these considerations.