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Home Improvement Cleaning Tips

16 DEC

Home Improvement Cleaning Tips

Home improvement projects are exciting, and it can be tempting to jump into it as soon as possible. However, a worth-while home improvement project can turn into a mess and should be planned. Learning along as you go can be fun, but it can also cost you dearly in time, energy, and money. Your friends here at M&M Waste want you to upgrade your living space without wasting anything so we have put together this article with some tips. Our focus is going to be on cleaning. If you are looking for a dumpster rental to manage all of the waste, then call M&M Waste to schedule a dumpster delivery today.

Before You Begin

Most reputable contractors will include cleanup as a part of the renovation project, but their standards of cleanliness might not match yours. Whether you are hiring a contractor or taking on the project yourself, you should start by gathering all of your necessary supplies. Dryer sheets, tarping materials, tape, a vacuum, a mop, and a broom are just some of the materials to have on hand. It is also a good idea to check the condition of your air filters and replace any dirty ones before you begin.

If you are hiring a professional contractor to do the renovation work, then be sure to discuss your expectations beforehand. Work with them to protect floors and surfaces and cover the construction zones. This should help contain the incoming mess.

During the Work

The suggestion to clean up during a renovation or home improvement project might sound silly but allow us to explain. Obviously, you cannot make the workspace spotless in the middle of a home improvement project, but there is a lot you can do to make the final cleanup easier and quicker.

For beginners, tarp the areas in and around the construction zone to contain the clutter and mess. This will also prevent dust and debris from spreading to other areas of your building, which would have caused more cleanup work later.

Next, consider a high efficiency particulate air purifier. Run the HEPA purifier throughout the project so that your breathing air is as clean as possible and dust does not take over the area. Make sure to wash the filters regularly and change them when necessary to keep up with the pace of the work. If you do not own a HEPA purifier, you might be able to rent one.

Finally, keep the windows open as much as possible to allow dust and germs to escape and to improve air circulation.

Post-Work Cleanup

Your home improvement project is not complete until you have cleaned up! First throw out all of the large trash. If there is too much for your trash bin, then rent a dumpster from M&M Waste. Start by sweeping and cleaning all surfaces to remove large debris. Follow this up with dusting walls, ledges, windowsills, cabinets and so forth. Vacuum all floors and wipe down all surfaces before fully sanitizing the area with proper cleaning products.