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Construction Recycling Tips to Reduce C&D Waste

23 DEC

Construction Recycling Tips to Reduce C&D Waste

Over the years, recycling has been thrown around in most conversations, particularly regarding waste management. When dealing with construction and demolition waste, it’s advisable to onboard the experts at M&M Waste. Although most cities offer at-home recycling, a construction site is different as most companies aim to achieve waste diversion goals. It also helps if your company is looking to attain various green certifications. The good news is that almost all construction waste can be recycled, which makes a lot of sense to acquire a dumpster rental.

When you rent a dumpster in Marietta, it allows you to actualize a waste diversion plan from the beginning of the project to the end. Although contracting a hauling company can handle the heavy lifting, acquiring a dumpster rental can help you learn how to recycle construction waste. M&M Waste offers quality dumpsters that allow you to handle a bit of the repurposing or sorting. Some of the tips to recycle construction and demolition materials include:

Partner with Local Charities

It is advisable to start the salvaging process before getting down to the actual demolition, which involves getting debris. There’s no better place to dispose of the debris than a dumpster rental as you prepare to commence your project. M&M Waste allows you to rent a dumpster that allows you to sort the items you intend to recycle, minimizing the effort and cost on your end. Consulting local charities also gives you the chance to note the various items they are interested in, such as cabinets, doors, bathroom, and kitchen fixtures, among other things.

Make a Materials Reuse Plan

Although not all materials can be reused, a plan can allow old materials to be used in current or future projects. Start by making a list of materials that you’ll need to recycle, such as light fixtures, extra lumber, or other items in a building awaiting demolition in the future. It would help if you also considered the surrounding since the dirt removed after flattening the plot can revamp green spaces. If you don’t know where to start on your materials reuse plan, the professionals at M&M Waste are ready to offer a helping hand.

Know Local Recycling Requirements

Handling a demolition or construction project is stressful without facing hefty fines and penalties. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with local recycling requirements before starting any project. Contracting the experienced team at M&M Waste ensures you adhere to the set guidelines by providing quality dumpster rental services to help you manage the waste. Not only will we help you come up with a recycling plan, but we will also help you rent a dumpster that suits your specific needs in terms of size and type.

These are some recycling tips you need to consider to ensure your waste diversion goals are attained. Our dumpster rental services include construction dumpsters, roll-off boxes, open-top dumpsters, and scrap metal recycling. Contact us at M&M Waste and enjoy quality dumpster services at affordable rates for more information.